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 Homes near Edmonton LRT Stations

It is important for some Edmonton Home Buyers to be located close to public transportation because of our growing Downtown Core and issues with traffic congestion and parking is at a premium in the Downtown Section of the city. The LRT opens from 5am to 1am Monday thru Sunday and runs every 15 minutes during off peak hours. This makes it easy for commuters to go to work, school or any public events that are being held that might cause issues if you were to drive to them.









High Rise Condos in Edmonton

High Rise CondosHigh-rise Condo Living in Edmonton offers a lot for the Edmonton Condo Buyers looking for an exciting lifestyle of luxury and has an array of benefits. The biggest draw for Edmonton High-rise buyers is the View! There are a lot of other factors that are a bonus when buying into a High-rise condo including amenities such as swimming pools, games and guest rooms along with in-house gyms, Underground Parking and so much more.





Newer Edmonton Homes

Edmonton homes are in general built on Clay. The soil in our region goes through some major extreme weather conditions, in the winter the ground tightens up when it freezes and expands when it thaws. This why you should be very careful when purchasing a New Home For Sale in Edmonton, the soil expanding in the spring and summer months and tightening up in the months can be hard on a homes foundation. I personally would rather purchase a home that has gone through one or two Edmonton winters to see whether or not the bones of the home can withstand our unpredictable climate.




 Edmonton Duplexes for Sale

 Edmonton Duplex for SaleA Duplex is defined as a multi-family dwelling having apartments with entrances for two household. You will find most Edmonton Duplexes For Sale close to the Downtown Edmonton Core, the reason being is that when building duplexes Edmonton Homes Builders need the proper land zoning usually an RF3 or RF4 lot that is a minimum of 43' x 125' in order to comply to the City of Edmonton Building Standards. 

Most Edmonton MLS Real Estate listings have half duplexes for sale as they are great for First Time Edmonton Home Buyers because of affordability and investors as well for the same reason, a half duplex in Edmonton is an affordable Edmonton House to purchase.



 Edmonton Townhouses for Sale

Edmonton Townhomes for sale

For those seeking the space of a single family home, but not quite ready to take on the work that comes with it, Edmonton townhouses for sale can be a great option for buyers.

These options feature hassle-free benefits with more space than a typical condo residence. You'll find new townhomes in the city, as well as older townhouses and half-duplexes in established neighbourhoods that have seen stylish updates and offer excellent value for buyers.




Edmonton Area Acreages

Edmonton AcreagesSome Edmonton Home Buyers prefer to be away from the Cities hustle & bustle and choose to purchase Acreages in the Edmonton MLS Area. Acreages near Edmonton can be found in the following surrounding areas: Parkland County, Sturgeon County and Leduc County. These Counties directly border onto the Edmonton City Limits, as you go further out you will find different counties and lakes that offer an Acreage lifestyle.

The Edmonton Home Buyers who choose acreage living would rather drive the extra mileage out of the City to go home to the serene, quiet surroundings of an Acreage. Here you will find Edmonton Area Acreages for sale in and around the City Limits brought to you in real time.



Edmonton Luxury Homes

Edmonton Luxary Homes

Edmonton Luxury Homes For Sale have seen a dramatic increase in sales since the Bank of Canada has offered the lowest interest rates seen in decades. In the first three months 2017 more than thirty million dollar plus homes have sold beating 2015 surpassing a total of twenty sales in all of 2016. The Edmonton Luxury Home Real Estate Market figures show that more Edmonton Home Buyers can afford to live in the lap of luxury.

These higher-end Edmonton homes for sale are predominantly found in the South-West and West End Edmonton, Downtown Edmonton and The University Area, prices range from a million dollars to over three million dollars.



Edmonton Detached Homes

Edmonton Detached Home

By far, the most sought after and available real estate in the city is the Edmonton single family home. Detached homes appeal to Edmonton home buyers looking for a housing solution that a condotownhome or half-duplex can’t readily provide; namely a larger plot of land and more space to house a growing family.

Every community in the Greater Edmonton real estate area offers a fantastic selection of single famly homes for sale sure to appeal the even the most discerning of home buyer.




Edmonton Half Duplexes

Half Duplexes for sale in Edmonton are very popular amongst Edmonton Home Builders that search out infill lots usually in more mature neighbourhoods of Edmonton to develop these types of homes. Half Duplexes need to be built on bigger lots usually 50 feet by 150 feet long because of the size of the builds and must conform to the City of Edmonton Building codes. Half Duplexes are great for the first time Edmonton Home buyers that are looking get into the Edmonton Real Estate Market.