Edmonton Real Estate For Sale Near LRT Stations

LRT as it is known by in the city is Light Rail Transit a part of the Edmonton Transit Service and currently has Eighteen Stations and almost Twenty Five Kilometres of rail line running through-out the city of Edmonton offering transportation services to over 100,000 Edmonton commuters daily. Another 27 kilometres of Light Transit Rail line is being constructed to service South East Edmonton and will go as far as Lewis Farms in the west end of Edmonton. 

It is important for some Edmonton Home Buyers to be located close to public transportation because of our growing Downtown Core and issues with traffic congestion and parking is at a premium in the Downtown Section of the city. The LRT opens from 5am to 1am Monday thru Sunday and runs every 15 minutes during off peak hours. This makes it easy for commuters to go to work, school or any public events that are being held that might cause issues if you were to drive to them.

There are many benefits of buying an Edmonton Home or Edmonton Condo near a LRT centre, the most common goal is to save on parking in the Downtown Core and also the safety and security it provides is another definite benefit.

North West Edmonton LRT Stations


North East Edmonton LRT Stations

Oliver and Downtown LRT Stations:

South West Edmonton LRT Stations: