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The Ritchie neighborhood is located in Southeast Edmonton, bounded by Whyte Avenue on the north, 72nd Avenue on the south, and on the east by the Mill Creek Ravine. 

Single family detached houses in Ritchie account for 52% of all residential dwellings in the neighborhood. The remainder of residences are made up of low to medium rise apartments, row housing and semi-detached homes. The population of Ritchie is highly mobile with 40% of dwellings being rented. Approximately one out of every 4 residences were built in Ritchie prior to the end of World War II.

Real Estate prices have been on a steady climb in Ritchie, reaching an average price of $436,100 in 2014 for a single family detached…

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Finding a property can be a monumental task, especially in a hot real estate market where properties are selling within a day or two of being placed on the market. With so many realtors® and property brokers operating in specific areas, it can be extremely difficult to get an accurate look at all available properties in a timely manner. That is why Multiple Listing Service systems were created to help the real estate industry operate more efficiently.

Top Edmonton Real Estate MLS SearchWhat is an MLS® System?

A Multiple Listing Service, or MLS®, is a tool utilized by real estate brokers to obtain and disseminate information on properties to other real estate professionals. The main priority of these systems is to advertise the commission rate being offered by listing brokers on a…

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  Spring has sprung, and so have the 'for sale' signs in many Edmonton neighbourhoods. The following are tips for differentiating your listing to sell your home quickly, so you can move out and move on with plenty of time to enjoy the best of summer.   
  1. Price it right. Typically your listing's first 30 days on the market will see the greatest level of activity. Pricing too high with a view to reducing it later is a waste of time for yourself and potential buyers. You run the risk of seeming unreasonable, inflexible, and potentially insulting to some buyers. A Realtor will research comparables in the neighbourhood and will have expert advice in terms of what's reasonable in the current market. A good Realtor is someone you can trust to…

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In Edmonton there are a few classic signs that winter is drawing to a close: the snow is disappearing, the geese are returning, and a few brave souls (or is it soles?) are already sporting flip flops and shorts. As Edmontonians enthusiastically embrace the warmer temperatures and gear up for our short-but-sweet summer, it's a great time to go through a spring maintenance checklist and ensure you're keeping up with seasonal items that will keep your house in good working order all year long.  

Make sure your spring maintenance involves the following: 

  1. Check exterior walls. Walk around your house and examine walls looking for loose siding or cracks. Trouble spots tend to be under eaves and gutter downspouts. Water stains can be a sign that…

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Inside Rogers Place - Edmonton Ice District

Here at Top Edmonton Real Estate we are hopeful that the Edmonton Oilers will make it to the NHL Playoffs! We know that as the Edmonton Ice District continues to develop, many of you are going to want to live close to the action in Downtown Edmonton! TopEdmontonRealEstate.com is the closest you can get to a Realtor® MLS® Edmonton Search without a real estate license, so we created a special search that shows all of the current Edmonton Real Estate listings within a 10 minute walk of Rogers Place! 

If you would like to book a viewing of any of the listings you find below, you can register here for free and we will get in touch with you, or you can click here to contact Re/Max Hall of Fame Realtor® Wally Fakhreddine directly. 

Search all…

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Edmonton Real Estate Agents Are Not All Alike:

 Not all Real Estate Agents in Edmonton are EXPERIENCED Full-Time Professional aGENTS. Wally Fakhreddine is 110% dedicated to his clients. Offering you the best of the best when it comes to your Real Estate needs is Wally's garuantee: * Do not hesitate to call Wally after hours and weekends * Free Real Estate Consultations offering years of local Real Estate Exprience * No appiontment necessary.......just pick up the phone * Immediate results upon starting to work on whatever your Real Estate needs are * Home ownwersip is just a call away * Access to the best Real Estate Services in Canada * For premium Experience. * Experience truly does make a huge difference.

Whether you are buying or selling a home…

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Depending on the kind of guy he is, sometimes it isn't easy to express how much we love Dad. Father's Day is a chance to bypass the awkward hugs, cheesy cards and token pair of socks and do something awesome together. This year, Father's Day is Sunday, June 21, 2015, so you have one week to make your final plans. Need help? Here's 7 great ideas to celebrate Father's Day in Edmonton.

1. Porkapalooza (June 19-21 at Borden Park). Nothing says I love you quite like bacon. The 2nd annual Porkapalooza BBQ Festival is sure to "meat" all of Dad's expectations. The event is free to the public and features entertainment, food demonstrations, beer gardens, a kids' zone, marketplace, as well as local food vendors offering up all sorts of BBQ'd delights. There…

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Edmonton Real Estate Market:


When buying a home, there are plenty of different things to consider. Not least of which is choosing the best neighbourhood. Below are 6 key things to consider when you're selecting your dream neighbourhood. 

1. Age Appropriate? Certain neighbourhoods make sense for different stages in life. Also, it's reasonable to assume that you generally want to be around people in similar life stages, with similar goals and interests. It doesn't make sense for a retired couple, looking for a quiet sanctuary, to move to a brand new community with mainly starter homes and lots of young families and kids. While some neighbourhoods will certainly have a mixed demographic of people living in them, many will tend to appeal to…

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Home Selling Advise:

Here a the biggest mistakes Home Sellers Make When Listing Their Home For Sale:

  1. Not hiring a professional Real Estate Agent to sell your home
  2. Not completing repairs prior to listing your home for sale
  3. Not removing clutter & junk prior to your home hitting the market
  4. Selling a empty home that is not staged properly.
  6. Letting your emotions get in the way when negotiating an offer
  7. Not knowing your target Market

Selling your home is a complex and serious task, do not take it lightly.

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The last few days and hours leading up to your departure on holidays are often hectic: packing, gathering important travel documents, weighing suitcases, repacking…  While you’ve probably never arrived at the airport without one of your offspring à la Home Alone, there are usually a few things that don’t quite make the to-do list before you walk out the door. Instead of wondering if you closed the bedroom window or worrying that a power surge will short the archaic freezer full of Aunt Patty’s chilli in the basement, add these helpful tips to your pre-vacation checklist and breathe a little easier on your hard-earned vacation.

  1. Get with the program. While it is nice to capitalize on some energy savings, don’t completely shut off the furnace or…

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